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Our premium protection kit includes potassium iodide for use in a nuclear radiation emergency such as Fukushima or fallout from a nuclear bomb.

Only 5 left in stock



Only 5 left in stock

Our Family Radiation Emergency Kit PLUS™ includes 5 packs of FDA-Approved Iosat™ Potassium Iodide (3 130mg adult-strength packs and 2 65mg child-strength packs)  Both are effective and safe for adults and children.


Adults would take one of the 130mg tablets each day, or two of the 65mg tablets each day. Children would take one of the 65mg tablets a day, or up to 1/2 of the 130mg Iosat™ tablets a day, depending on age (the tablet is scored for easy splitting). The FDA Consumer Drug Product Insert is included with both.


This kit is specifically designed for use during a nuclear radiation emergency (nuclear reactor release or fallout from a nuclear bomb) in which radioactive iodine (I-131) may be released into the atmosphere. For more info on radioactive iodine and how much potassium iodide to stockpile, please visit potassium iodide FAQ.


Additional potassium iodide and all of the other components may be purchased separately (if they are in stock) to supplement what is in this PLUS Kit.

How many packs of potassium iodide should I stockpile?

Storing at least one pack PER person for each location frequented (home, 2nd home, relative’s home, childcare, office, etc.) is our recommendation. Potassium Iodide tablets should be immediately available in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency. To be most effective, the first dose should be taken no later than 2-3 hours prior to potential exposure to radioactive iodine (as directed by public health officials). Then, one dose every day (same time) until your family has evacuated to an uncontaminated area, and then stop taking the tablets (as directed by public health officials). Any remaining tablets will still be foil-sealed and available for a future need.

Who is ‘Nukepills’?

Nukepills, Inc. manages the sales and marketing division for Anbex, Inc., the U.S.-based manufacturer of Iosat™ Potassium Iodide. We also operate and manage Anbex’s worldwide wholesale distribution facility based in Maryland. was founded in 1999 as a means of supplying Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection products directly to the general public and now has international sales programs throughout Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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4 reviews for Family Radiation Emergency Kit PLUS – Premium Nuclear Radiation Protection

  1. Walt Hayes

    Everything I needed for my family. Very complete instructions. Called and spoke to owner for half an hour and he gave detailed info on all products.

  2. Mark

    Packed very professionally. All fresh stock. Cheaper than buying separately.

  3. Truc Lahilahi

    Shipped to Hawaii fast! Owner spoke to me for over 20 minutes answering questions and actually talked me into buying less. Impressed.

  4. Audrey_Grant

    We ordered these for a couple of our Hawaii schools. Hope we never need them! Came professional packaged and with nice instructions.

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