Radiation Wipes for decontamination solutions – Pack of 50


These plastic-backed wipes are to be used for radiation decontamination clean-up with Iodowash decontamination solution or Radiacwash Decontamination Solution (sold separately). These wipes do not contain any solution.

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Radiation decontamination wipes are designed for use with the Radiacwash decontamination solution. They do not contain any decontamination solution. That needs to be purchase separately.

  • The white absorbent side and bright-orange plastic backing prevent leakage of decontamination solutions, such as Radiacwash™, to hands, gloves, and countertops.
  • Because the decontamination solution that you wipe up is trapped inside the absorbent side, the wipes prevent the subsequent transmission of radiation from your gloves to phones, keyboards, pens, etc.
  • The orange polyethylene backing is impermeable to strong solvents, including xylene and xylene substitutes acetone, ketones, alcohols, and formalin.
  • The wipes are cost-effective because only one is used versus several pieces of gauze or paper towels, and gloves are needed to be changed less frequently.
  • Size is 8″x9″, absorbing up to 12 times its weight.

Radiation-Wipes are also available in our Radiation Protection Emergency Kits.

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