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Nukepills, Inc. manages the internet sales and marketing division for Anbex, Inc., the U.S.-based manufacturer of Iosat™ Potassium Iodide. We also operate and manage Anbex’s worldwide wholesale distribution facility based in Maryland. Nukepills.com was founded in 1999 as a means of supplying Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection products (radiation detection, radiation decontamination, radiation blocking, emergency water filtration for radiation, etc.) directly to the general public and now has international sales programs throughout Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Nukepills.com is a major supplier to pharmacies, hospitals, nuclear facilities, other web-based distributors and local/state/federal governments within the U.S. and worldwide. In 2009, Nukepills.com sold 5.4 million doses of FDA-Approved Potassium Iodide (Liquid KI) to Kuwait’s Ministry of Health. In 2011, Nukepills.com donated 108,000 pediatric doses of potassium iodide to Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor disaster.  Government Emergency Preparedness grants and civilian orders are expected to continue to drive sales well into 2023.



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54,000 potassium iodide pills donated to Japan for nuclear radiation exposure

Mooresville, NC – March 15, 2011 –– Approximately 54,000 potassium iodide tablets (108,000 pediatric doses) have been donated by Nukepills.com to Tokushukai Hospital in Tokyo, Japan for immediate distribution to those affected by Japan’s nuclear reactor crisis. This effort was facilitated by Dr. Alisa Suzuki Han, Radiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching facility of Harvard Medical School, in Boston, MA. The radiation-blocking drug, currently in route to Japan, will be distributed by the Tokushukai Medical Aid Team. “We are very pleased that these tablets will be given to people directly affected by the nuclear crisis”, stated Troy Jones, President of Nukepills.com, “The efforts of Dr. Han and the Tokushukai Medical Aid Team are a wonderful example of professionals coming together to ensure the health and livelihood of those most in need.” Full Story

Kuwait purchases 5.4M doses of emergency nuclear radiation drug from Nukepills.com

Mooresville, NC – January 26, 2009 –– Nukepills.com today announced the sale of 180,000 units (5.4 million doses) of ThyroShield™ Potassium Iodide to the Kuwait Ministry of Health. Worth approximately $1.4 million, the sale was brokered by Nukepills.com and signifies Kuwait’s proactive course in protecting its citizens during a nuclear radiation emergency.

“This sale is the first large-scale order of ThyroShield from a foreign government. We are currently working on additional potassium iodide orders from other countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.”, said Troy Jones, President of Nukepills.com. “We hope the new U.S administration follows Kuwait’s lead and reinstates and expands the potassium iodide distribution plan to protect its citizens.”

ThyroShield™ Potassium Iodide Oral Solution is a ready-to-use, thyroid-blocking liquid medicine for radiation emergencies. Stockpiling of potassium iodide is recommended by health officials worldwide to prevent thyroid cancer in those exposed to radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear reactor accident or fallout from a nuclear weapon. Potassium iodide protects against the harmful effects of radioactive iodine by preventing its absorption by the thyroid gland. Thyroid cells are the only cells in the human body that can absorb iodine, and are thus the only cells at risk for cancer. Full Story


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