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Individual Products

 Iosat™ Potassium Iodide
a ThyroShield™ Potassium Iodide
a Extra ThyroShield™ dropper
a RADTriage™ Radiation Detector
a Radiation Water Filtration Straw
a Radiacwash™ Towelettes
a  N95 Particulate Face Masks


Individual Products (cont'd)

a Iodowash™ Solutions
Vinyl Disposable Gloves
a Radiation Wipes
a Rad Wipes - Pack of 50
a Rad Wipes - Case of 400


a Nukepills™ Family Emergency Kit
a Nukepills™ Family Emergency Kit PLUS
a Nukekit1
a Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™
a Iodowash Kit

 Deal of the year! Wholesale to the public!
5000 packs of Iosat that exp in 2015 only $4.50 per pack

Or 2500 for $5.00 ea. Must buy all. If something bad goes down, resell for big $$$.
Call Troy @ 866-283-3986

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IOSAT™ Potassium Iodide
In stock
Iosat™ Potassium Iodide


iosat potassium iodide

$9.99 per pack
Buy 20, get 2 free, etc.
Not valid w/ 50+ pricing or any
kit offers

  • 14 130mg tablets per pack
  • Exp. date: December 2020
  • Individually foilsealed
  • FDA approved since 1982
  • Dosing instructions included
  • More info
Volume pricing 
Quantity purchased Price per pack
50-149 $7.99
150-299 $6.99
300+ (case)
buy potassium iodide

300+ pricing must call to place order. Promo codes and other discounts not valid for case pricing.

In stock
Personal Radiation Detector

Also available
in the following kits:
Nukepills Emergency Kit PLUS 
NukeKit1 | RADPAK7
  • Instant detection of radiation
  • Fits in wallet or badge holder
  • Needs no batteries or calibration
  • Extend shelf life up to 5 years by storing in freezer until ready to use
  • User Guide included
  • more info
Family Emergency Kit
In stock
Nukepills™ Family Emergency Kit
Protection from radioactive iodine I-131
during a nuclear radiation emergency

  buy potassium iodide
Iodowash™ Kit
In stock

Iodowash™ Kit
Radioactive Iodine Decontamination for use from radiation from a nuclear reactor release or nuclear weapon. Decon skin and surfaces.

$99.99 $89.99 Sale

buy potassium iodide


Radiacwash™ Towelettes
In stock

Radiacwash Towelettes
Wipe away radioactive contamination


  • Box of 100 towelettes
  • Use on hands and small objects
  • Individually packaged
  • more info
Radiation Emergency Supplies - FDA | DHS Approved -
Iosat and ThyroShield Potassium Iodide, RADTriage Radiation Detector, Radiation Emergency Kits, Dirty Bomb Emergency Kits, N95 Face Masks, Radiation Water Filtration Straws
In stock
ThyroShield™ Potassium Iodide


thyroshield potassium iodide
Sale $19.99


Volume pricing 
Quantity purchased Price per bottle
48-143 $17.99
144-359 $15.99
360+ $13.99
buy potassium iodide
Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™
Out of stock
Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™

dirty bomb kit

  • RADTriage 3.0 Detectors (2)
  • Radiation Decontamination Kit
  • Detects radiation and decontaminates human skin and other surfaces
  • For Cesium, Strontium and many more radioactive elements likely found in a dirty bomb
  • More info

buy potassium iodide

Family Emergency Kit PLUS
In stock
Nukepills™ Family Emergency Kit PLUS
Complete protection from radioactive iodine I-131
during a nuclear radiation emergency such as Fukushima

Same as regular kit
and also includes:
1 RADTriage Detector
1 Radiation Water Filter Straw
and 4 N95 Particulate Masks
at $10 savings
buy potassium iodide
N95 Face Masks
In stock

N95 Particulate Face Masks
Box of 20

  • NIOSH Approved
    and FDA Approved
  • Individually Hygienically Wrapped
  • Flat fold design
  • Pictorial Donning Instructions
  • Extra Heavy Elastic Bands
  • Heat Sealed Instead of Stapled
  • Heavy Foam Guard Protection
    for the Nose
  • Adjustable Nose Clip
  • Diamond Stamped Keeps Respirator Fully Expanded


Radiation Water Filtration Straw
In stock

Radiation Water
Filtration Straw

Radiation Filtration Straw

  • Filters up to 25 gallons of fresh water
  • 100% removal of tested radiological
  • 100% bpa free
  • 10 year shelf-life minimum
  • Made in the USA
  • more info

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