Seychelle Regular Gen 2 Family Water Pitcher - Filters Chromium 6, Lead, Etc. $68.95
pH2O Seychelle Family Water Pitcher with Dual pH Alkaline Filters $79.95
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2-pack replacement filters (1-40100-2) for the Seychelle Dual-filter Gen 2 Regular Family Water Pitcher.

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In stock

2-pack dual replacement filters for the new Seychelle Dual Filter REGULAR Family Water Pitcher. Still using the old single filter Seychelle Family Water Pitcher?   Upgrade your pitcher with a new dual-filter reservoir and enjoy 33% more filtering with faster water flow!


  • Includes one set of two filters (replacement filters sold in sets of 2)
  • Produces up to 200 gallons of clean filtered drinking water (100 gallons per filter)
  • Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants noted below.
  • BPA-free and FDA Food Grade approved
  • U.S.A. Made filters
  • Recommended for use with municipal water only (well water with any sediment may prematurely clog the filter)
  • View Lab Test Results

Removes up to 99.99% of toxic chemicals, contaminants, and pollutants found in fresh water supplies including, but not limited to:

Chemicals including Chlorine, Chloroforms, Radon 222, DDT, fluoride (up to 90%).
Dissolved Solids and Heavy Metals including dirt, Arsenic, Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, trihalomethanes, PCB, PCE, Chromium 6, and other detergents and pesticides. Volatile Organic Compounds, Trihalomethanes, Nitrates & Nitrites, Arochlor 1260 (PCB) and MTBE.




1 review for 2-Pack Dual Replacement Filters for Seychelle Regular Family Water Pitcher

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