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The NukeKit1 Radiation Emergency Kit is designed to offer radiation protection for one person in the event of a nuclear emergency such as Fukushima or a nuclear bomb detonation.

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In stock

Our premium one-person protection kit person includes potassium iodide. For use in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency such as Fukushima or fallout from a nuclear bomb.

  The kit includes:

How many packs of potassium iodide should I stockpile?

Storing at least one pack PER person for each location frequented (home, 2nd home, relative’s home, childcare, office, etc.) is our recommendation. Potassium Iodide tablets should be immediately available in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency. To be most effective, the first dose should be taken no later than 2-3 hours prior to potential exposure to radioactive iodine (as directed by public health officials). Then, one dose every day (same time) until your family has evacuated to an uncontaminated area, and then stop taking the tablets (as directed by public health officials). Any remaining tablets will still be foil-sealed and available for a future need.

Who is ‘Nukepills’?

Nukepills, Inc. manages the sales and marketing division for Anbex, Inc., the U.S.-based manufacturer of Iosat™ Potassium Iodide. We also operate and manage Anbex’s worldwide wholesale distribution facility based in Maryland. Nukepills.com was founded in 1999 as a means of supplying Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection products directly to the general public and now has international sales programs throughout Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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