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Decontamination of the entire spectrum of radiation. Enough Radiacwash™ solution for at least 4 people. Includes Rad-Wipes™, Rad-Waste Bags, Gloves and Indestructo™ Kit Box.

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Fast and safe removal of the entire spectrum of radiation for up to 4 people. Can be used on nuclear or dirty bomb radioisotopes. Includes Radiacwash™ Spray, Rad-Wipes™, Rad-Waste Bags and Gloves. Radiacwash is approved for use by the Dept of Homeland Security.

4 – 8 oz Radiacwash™ Radiation Decontamination Spray Mist Bottles

  • 4 bottles – Each 8 oz bottle comes with a trigger sprayer
  • Radiation decontamination of skin and surfaces
  • 10 year shelf life minimum

50 Rad-Wipes™

  • Pack of 50 Rad-Wipes™ – Orange plastic-backed for leak-proof clean up of Radiacwash™ resolution
  • Super absorbent – holds up to 12 X its weight
  • 10 year shelf life minimum

Rad-Waste Bags

  • Use for disposal of contaminated clothing and materials

16 Pairs of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

  • 32 gloves – Use with Rad-Wipes™ and Radiacwash™

Indestructo™ Kit Box

  • Crush-proof with locking tabs. 10 x 8 x 5″


RADIACWASH™ (Detailed info and other Radiacwash products)

  • The first and most popular general purpose decontamination solution specifically created for the fast and safe removal of the entire spectrum of radiation from skin and surfaces.
  • Can be used safely on most surfaces, either straight or diluted, including skin, cloth, all metals, glass, floors, walls, leather, rubber, porcelain, plastic, laboratory instruments, utensils and equipment.
  • Used extensively in hospitals, universities, laboratories and reactor facilities since 1951.

RADIATION-WIPES™ (Detailed Info)

  • The orange plastic backing on Rad-Wipes™ prevent seep-through of Radiacwash™ thus preventing the subsequent transmission of contaminated solution from your gloves to other surfaces, including skin, phone, or anything else you may touch with the glove. The white heavy-absorbent side of Rad-Wipes soak up decontamination solutions up to 12 times their weight.  Used extensively in hospitals and labs. These wipes do not have solution in them. They are to be used with the Radiacwash solution.


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