Radiation-Wipes for Radiation Decontamination

  • The orange plastic backing on Radiation-Wipes™ prevent seep-through of decontamination solutions, such as Iodowash™ and Radiacwash™, thus preventing the subsequent transmission of contaminated solution from your gloves to other surfaces, including skin, phone, or anything else you may touch with the glove. The white heavy-absorbent side of Radiation-Wipes soak up decontamination solutions up to 12 times their weight.  Used extensively in hospitals and labs.
  • The orange polyethylene backing is impermeable to strong solvents, including xylene and xylene substitutes acetone, ketones, alcohols, and formalin.
  • Size is 8″x9″, absorbing up to 12 times its weight.
  • The wipes do not contain any decontamination solutions. They are to be used in conjunction with purchases of decontamination solutions such as Iodowash™ and Radiacwash™. Vinyl gloves are recommended. For wipes that are pre-moistened with decontaminating solutions we recommend Radiacwash™ Radiation Decontamination Wipes.


Radiation-Wipes serve multiple purposes:

  • Wiping and cleaning pipettes, probes, slide prep devices, equipment.
  • Cleaning up small or large spills.
  • Preventing splashing when popping caps on blood and specimen tubes.
  • Containing leaks and protecting bench tops, when lining counters and trays.
  • Serve as an adjunct to gloves in protecting employees and limiting cross-contamination.

Radiation-Wipes Reduce Costs When Utilization Considered:

  • Employees typically grab several pieces of gauze or paper wipes to absorb fluids. With Radiation-Wipes, only ONE wipe is used because there is no soak through. When utilization is factored in, costs are equivalent or lower with Radiation-Wipes.
  • Glove changes are more frequent with gauze or paper wipes, due to soak through.
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