Radiacwash™ Radiation Decontamination Wipes


Pre-moistened with Radiacwash™ solution. 75 wipes per dispenser.

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Radiacwash™ Decontaminating Wipes are the most efficient and safest way to remove radiation from hands and small objects. Simply remove a Radiacwash wipe from the dispenser, scrub hands thoroughly and wash the contamination away with running water.

  • Pre-moistened wipes with Radiacwash™ solution
  • 75 wipes per dispenser
  • Ideal for skin and small objects

For complete information please visit our page on Radiacwash Decontamination Solutions 

Why choose Radiacwash™?

Radiacwash recommendation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Report Guide for the Selection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Decontamination Equipment for Emergency First Responders

  • Quote from report: Radiacwash works better than plain soap and water on metal isotopes and isotopes bound to metals.”   Note: These ‘metal isotopes’ include cesium, strontium and cobalt which are likely to be found in a dirty bomb according to the CIA report: Terrorist CBRN: Materials and Effects.
  • Quote from report: “A variety of radioactive materials are commonly available and could be used in an RDD [Radiological Dispersal Device, a.k.a. Dirty Bomb], including Cesium-137, Strontium-90, and Cobalt-60.”

Radiacwash™ is a concentrated solution designed to rapidly control radioactive contamination and remove radioactive particles from surfaces by a two-way action. First, it will sequester metallic ions which contaminate surfaces. Second, it lifts up and firmly suspends the contaminating particles, allowing contamination to be rinsed away with hard, soft or salt water. Radiacwash™ has been used extensively in hospitals, universities, laboratories and reactor facilities since 1951. It is the first and most popular general purpose decontamination solution specifically created for the fast and safe removal of the entire spectrum of nuclidic radioactivity.

Radiacwash™ will remove general laboratory contaminants such as soil, grease, oil, blood, resides, resins, and tissue and can be used safely on all surfaces, either straight or diluted, including skin, cloth, all metals, glass, floors, walls, leather, rubber, porcelain, plastic, laboratory instruments, utensils and equipment. Radiacwash™ is a synergic liquid compound that optimally combines a number of different chemical and physical principles causing it to act as a surface-wetting sequestering agent, chelater, carrier, ion-exchanger, emulsifier, solvent, complexer, peptizer and detergent.

Radiacwash™ has a pH of 5, less than .008% Halides, contains no phosphates, chromates, silicates, enzymes, borates, aluminates, carbonates, and inert fillers that can interfere with sensitive analytical procedures. Radiacwash™ is non-alkaline, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.

Radiacwash Material Safety Data Sheet

Radiacwash Wipes have a shelf-life of two years if the canister remains sealed and unopened and stored properly. Once the canister has been opened the wipes have a shelf-life of approximately 3 months, but you must keep the lid snapped shut.


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