Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit

Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™

Detects radiation and significantly removes radioactive material from human skin and other surfaces after a dirty bomb attack or other radiological events

Think you’re safe? GAO says Feds aren’t prepared for a dirty bomb attack

Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit

Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit

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  • The military-grade RADTriage™ Personal Radiation Detector instantly detects radiation exposure in the event of a dirty bomb, nuclear reactor accident and other sources of radiation.
  • Now, scientifically-formulated products used by nuclear power plants and nuclear waste facilities for radiation decontamination are available to first responders and the general public for use after a dirty bomb attack or other radiological events.
  • The Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™ can safely, quickly, and significantly remove radioactive material from yourself and from other surfaces using the supplied Quick Decon Mass Effect Solutions™ (see DHS report below)
  • Decontaminate yourself, your family and your important possessions in the event of a radiation emergency.

Product Overview

The Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™ is an effective and safe solution for radiation decontamination of radioactive surfaces including human skin from a dirty bomb, also known as a radiological bomb. This kit’s Quick Decon Mass Effect Solutions™ were developed by a combination of nuclear pharmacists, nuclear chemists, radiation experts and NASA consultants with many years of experience in the nuclear and medical device industries.

These products have been shown in laboratory testing and in real world applications to significantly and safely remove radioactive material. The products perform to levels that scientists refer to as “high decontamination factors”. This means that, in many cases, almost all of the radioactive material can be removed using these products.

Our radiation decontamination products, which are included in the Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™ and our Iodowash™ Kit, are available in bulk and are currently in use to remove radioactive material in many nuclear power plants, nuclear waste facilities and in hospitals with nuclear medicine departments throughout the United States and abroad.

The Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™ also includes two RADTriage™ Personal Radiation Detectors.

Full Details

  • General Background and Product Information
  • Technology and Testing
  • List of radioactive elements
  • Instructions
  • Instructions in PDF format
  • Limited Warranty
  • MSDS for Transition Metals Solutions
  • MSDS for Actinide Solutions
  • Shelf life of kit components

News: GAO says Feds aren’t prepared for a dirty bomb attack

Surface Decontamination of Cesium Tokyo, Japan

We’re not sure what the Japanese are saying, but they like the Quick Decon Solutions in this kit.

Kit Contents

1.   Quick Decon Mass Effect™ decontamination solutions

Our proprietary and patent-pending Quick Decon Mass Effect™ solutions for radiation decontamination are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in their report “Guide for the Selection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Decontamination Equipment for Emergency First Responders” (see pages 3-10 and 3-11). These water-based liquids come in convenient-to-use color-coded 32 oz. bottles with accompanying trigger sprayers (2). Our solutions are made from cosmetic-grade, FDA-approved materials and are not radioactive before use.

Recommendations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security include:

  • One quart (32 fl oz.) for Transition metals such as Cobalt, Cesium, Strontium and Thallium. See chart for all radioactive elements.
  • One quart (32 fl oz.) for Actinides such as Uranium, Plutonium, Technetium and Radium. See chart for all radioactive elements.

Quote from DHS report: “Several patent pending, proprietary, water-based solutions have been developed that remove radioactive contamination to acceptable levels by dislocating radioactive ions, enabling them to be removed. These solutions are effective on radioactive halogens (iodine and fluorine), transition metals (cesium and cobalt), and actinides (uranium, plutonium, and americium). The core technology is called the “mass effect” influence. A radioactive surface is flooded with the solution, which lifts the radioactive material off the surface and suspends it in solution so it can be wiped up and removed as radioactive waste. Ion-specified resins have been developed to remove the radioactive material from the mass effect solution, useful in large decontamination operations.”

2. RADTriage™ Radiation Detectors (2)

Tested and recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as documented in the Department of Homeland Security Final Test Report on the RADTriage (SIRAD):

Quote from DHS Report – “The SIRAD [RADTriage] demonstrated generally acceptable performance for homeland security mission needs. Incidence of loss or damage to the device during field deployment was low, false positive rates were less than one percent, and field conditions and physical stresses did not seem to compromise performance.”

Quote from DHS Report – “If routinely carried by emergency responders, it could provide early indication of a significant radiation component after a terrorist event and measure individual responder dose for planning lifesaving operations. It could also reassure first responders of a lack of radiation, which could avoid response delays due to fear of radiation. Pre-distributed SIRADs [RADTriage] could provide early data on the ground to assess the scope of a radiation event. This data could assist identifying those in the public that potentially received a significant radiation dose.”

Quote from DHS Report – RADTriage™ was found to demonstrate “acceptable performance for homeland security mission needs. If routinely carried by emergency responders, it could provide early indication of a significant radiation component after a terrorist event”.

3. Radiacwash™ Towelettes (6)

  • Recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as documented in U.S. Department of Homeland Security report, which recommends use of Radiacwash to decontaminate radioactive metal isotopes, such as Cesium 137, Strontium-90, Thallium and Cobalt-60.

4. Vinyl gloves for use during decontamination process (4 pairs)
5. Rad-Waste Bags (2)
6.Radioactive Material Caution Labels (2) for use with Rad-Waste Bags
7. Decontamination Rad-wipes (45)
8. N95 Particulate Face Masks (4) NIOSH and FDA Approved
9. Instructions in PDF format (download here)
10. Downloadable Material Safety Data Sheets

  • MSDS for Transition Metals Solution
  • MSDS for Actinide Solution

11. Chart of Problematic Radioactive Elements showing Actinides and Transition Metals
12. A convenient and sturdy yellow hard-plastic carrying case easily identifiable as the Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™ by its yellow and purple label

General Background and Product Information

In today’s world of terrorism and nuclear proliferation, many people rightly worry about a radiological event. Most people, however, are confused by how a radiological event could occur and how to mitigate the damage. Some background:

  • A “dirty bomb” is a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, salted with radioactive waste that scatters when the bomb goes off. It is not a nuclear bomb. The bomb can kill or injure through the initial blast of the conventional explosive and through the dispersal of the radioactive materials– hence the term “dirty.”
  • Radiation will typically occur when atoms of certain basic elemental material begin a process of change in their atomic structure. Typically these elemental materials come from the Transition Metal Group (eg. Cobalt, Cesium, Strontium, Thallium) or the Actinide Metal Group (eg. Uranium, Plutonium, Technetium, Radium). It is most likely that a dirty bomb attack will involve the Transition Metal Group since these metals are more readily available to terrorists and others.
  • It is important to be prepared for other types of events as well. Because radioactive iodine (I-131) would most likely not be released in a dirty bomb detonation, our Iodowash™ product, which decontaminates surfaces from radioactive iodine, is available separately in our Iodowash Kit. Note: Radioactive Iodine is a by-product of nuclear fission, which occurs only during the detonation of a nuclear bomb or inside of a nuclear reactor. Hence, radioactive iodine is seemingly impossible to obtain to create a dirty bomb. However, it is recommended to consider our Nukepills Family Emergency Kit™ which specifically protects you from radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear bomb or nuclear reactor accident.
  • Since radiation is a result of changing atomic structure, the basic building blocks of all things, radiation can never be totally eliminated or “killed”. It is always present to some extent. After a dirty bomb attack, the best that can be done is to attempt to remove as much radioactive material as possible from a surface or from human skin. The sooner the mitigation and decontamination is attempted, the better.
  • No product, however, will completely decontaminate all surfaces. The level of decontamination will be affected by the weather conditions and other factors in the area of use and by the exposure to recontamination. For example, in the event of radioactive dust in a dirty bomb attack, decontaminated areas may become recontaminated if the surface areas (including yourself) are not quickly secured. Also, porous surfaces are difficult to decontaminate to high decontamination levels. The relative strength of the radioactive material and the time length of exposure will also affect the ability to decontaminate. (See Limited Warranty Statement).
  • The Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit’s patent-pending solutions are revolutionary because they act to dislocate or “lift” radioactive ions from most non-porous surfaces into the water-based solutions. The wipes clean the surface and the radioactive material is transferred onto the wipes for rad-waste disposal. Be aware that after you complete surface decontamination any items you used such as gloves and rad-wipes will be contaminated. These must be disposed of as radioactive waste (along with any contaminated clothing) as per the instructions in our Instructions for Use.
  • Damage to the human body and organs from radiation are a function of energy (how powerful the radioactive material is) and distance away from the source. After decontamination, move the radioactive material (wipes, gloves, clothing, etc.) that you have put into the yellow bag labeled “radioactive materials” as far away from you as possible and alert the proper authorities for removal.


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