Shelf life of Individual Products and Kit Components

Based on storage at room temperature (except where noted) and under normal conditions


Shelf life

Potassium Iodide

Iosat: 7 years from date of manufacture.

ThyroShield: 5 years from date of manufacture.

View the current exp dates on the potassium iodide page.

Iodowash Decontamination Solution

10 years minimum

RADTriage Radiation Detector

1 year minimum, but can be stored in freezer up to 5 years to suspend radiation sensor strip until ready to use. Once removed, good for 1 year minimum.

Radiacwash Towelettes

1 year minimum

N95 Face Masks

5 years minimum if remained individually sealed

Vinyl Gloves

5 years minimum

Rad Wipes

5 years minimum

Radiation Water Filtration Straw 5 years minimum

Rad Bag

5 years minimum

Radiacwash Spray Mist 10 years minimum


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