Radiation Decontamination Solutions

Radiation Decontamination of Skin and Surfaces

Dirty Bomb


Radiacwash™ Decontamination Solutions

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Radiation source

  • All sources of radiation including Dirty Bomb and nuclear
  • Radioactive waste from hospitals, train derailments, etc.
  • Hospital or university lab
  • Other medical facilities



Iodowash™ Decontamination Solutions

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Radiation source

  • Specifically Radioactive Iodine from nuclear reactor accidents such as Fukushima
  • Downwind of nuclear bomb fallout (specifically radioactive iodine)
  • Nuclear Research Facility
  • Hospital Radioactive Iodine I-131 therapy facility
The administration of potassium iodide should be considered when Iodowash is needed during a nuclear emergency.


(Detailed Info and Available Radiacwash Products)

  • The first and most popular general purpose decontamination solution specifically created for the fast and safe removal of the entire spectrum of radiation from skin and surfaces.
  • Rapidly controls radioactive contamination and removes radioactive particles by a two-way action:
    1. Sequesters radioactive metallic ions which contaminate surfaces.
    2. Lifts up and firmly suspends the contaminating particles, allowing contamination to be rinsed away with water or wiped away with Radiation-Wipes.
  • Removes general laboratory contaminants such as soil, grease, oil, blood, resides, resins, and tissue. Can be used safely on most surfaces, either straight or diluted, including skin, cloth, all metals, glass, floors, walls, leather, rubber, porcelain, plastic, laboratory instruments, utensils and equipment.
  • Used extensively in hospitals, universities, laboratories and reactor facilities since 1951.
  • A synergic liquid compound that optimally combines a number of different chemical and physical principles causing it to act as a surface-wetting sequestering agent, chelater, carrier, ion-exchanger, emulsifier, solvent, complexer, peptizer and detergent.
  • Has a pH of 5, less than .008% Halides, contains no phosphates, chromates, silicates, enzymes, borates, aluminates, carbonates, and inert fillers that can interfere with sensitive analytical procedures.
  • Non-alkaline, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.


(Detailed Info and Available Iodowash Products)

Iodowash™ is specifically formulated to decontaminate radioactive iodine (I-131) from a nuclear fission source. One of the most feared consequences of a nuclear reactor accident or nuclear bomb is the release of a radioactive iodine plume into the environment. Radioactive Iodine (I-131) is a by-product of nuclear fission which occurs only within a nuclear reactor or during detonation of a nuclear bomb. (more info on radioactive iodine). If a plume of radioactive iodine is headed your way due to a nuclear reactor/bomb you may also be instructed by health officials to administer FDA-approved potassium iodide.

  • Iodowash™ is ideal for hospital I-131 therapy rooms. Return your room to background levels as soon as your patient leaves. No waiting for decay.
  • Iodowash™ decontaminates all surfaces and is gentle enough for use on intact skin.
  • Iodowash™ decontaminates by chemically binding the radioactive halogen to a small resin sphere (0.6 to 1.2 mm) which can easily be be wiped up. Typically a single use will remove up to 100% of the contamination.
  • Although chemically designed to decontaminate I-131, I-125, and I-123, it is equally effective for F-18 and other halogens


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