ThyroSafe Potassium Iodide 65mg – January 2031 exp date

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ThyroSafe Potassium Iodide is a FDA-approved, 65mg potassium iodide (KI) tablet that protects the thyroid in the event of a radiation emergency such as Fukushima or nuclear weapon fallout. For children and adults.

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*Due to high demand/limited quantity there is temporarily a 10 pack purchase limit of individual packs of 65mg tablets (per billing and/or shipping address, name, etc.)  Duplicate orders as such will all be cancelled.

ThyroSafe blocks the thyroid’s absorption of cancer-causing radioactive iodine released from nuclear reactor emergencies such as Fukushima or nuclear weapon fallout. A nuclear emergency might not rank on your list of daily concerns, but it is an ever-present possibility in today’s world. ThyroSafe was developed to ensure every family is protected against the effects of a nuclear disaster. Our FDA approved product will guard your loved ones from the immediate and long-term consequences of radiation exposure, including thyroid abnormalities which could lead to thyroid cancer. Please visit our potassium iodide page for more information including our extensive F.A.Q.

Can adults take the 65mg tablet? Does it protect adults just the same as a 130mg tablet?

Absolutely. The only medicinal difference is the milligram (mg) strength of the tablet. The 65mg tablet contains exactly half of the active ingredient, iodine, as a 130mg tablet. So, an adult would take two 65mg tablets each day (130mg/day) – much like taking two ibuprofen or two aspirin. And children would take just a maximum of one 65mg tablet a day.

How many should I stockpile?

Storing at least one pack (20 tablets) PER person for each location frequented (home, 2nd home, relative’s home, childcare, office, etc.) is our recommendation. ThyroSafe Potassium Iodide tablets should be immediately available in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency. The first dose should be taken no later than 2-3 hours prior to potential exposure to radioactive iodine (as directed by public health officials). Then, one dose every day (same time) until your family has evacuated to an uncontaminated area, and then stop taking the tablets (as directed by public health officials). Any remaining tablets will still be foil-sealed and available for a future need.


  • Safe and effective for children AND adults
  • Jan 2031 exp date
  • 20 65mg tablets per pack
  • Individually foil-sealed for single unit storage and dosing
  • 10 day protection for adults (2 tablets each day of exposure)
  • 20+ day protection for children (see dosing info)
  • At least one pack per adult or child recommended by FDA
  • No prescription required – OTC


ThyroSafe™ Potassium Iodide Dosing

Administer one dose as soon as possible and then every 24 hours at the same time each day. Take potassium iodide only if you will be potentially exposed to radioactive iodine (as notified by state or local public health officials). It is not necessary to take all tablets in a pack unless directed to do so.  Once you safely evacuate to a non-contaminated area, or told by health officials that your area is safe, stop taking potassium iodide and save the rest. This is why the FDA mandates that potassium iodide tablets be individually foil-sealed – to preserve its continued efficacy.

Adults 18 and over —- 2 (two) 65mg tablets
Age 12 18  ————- 2 (two) 65mg tablets (for those who weigh at least 150 pounds)
Age 12 18  ————- 65mg daily (1 tablet) (for those who weigh less than 150 pounds)
Age 3 11    ————- 65mg daily (1 tablet)
1 month – 3 yrs. ——– 32.5mg daily (1/2 tablet)
Birth – 1 month ———16.25mg daily (1/4 tablet)


Questions about ThyroSafe potassium iodide? View our FAQ and stockpiling guidelines

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