Box of 20 N95 Face Masks for Virus and Bacterial Protection

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FLU, viral and bacterial protection. FDA and NIOSH approved N95 Face Masks – 20 per box.

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We do not have masks in stock. Please email us with the subject “N95 Masks Wanted” if you wish to be notified if we have them back in stock.


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N95 Medical Face Mask for Children and Adults. Individually sealed until use keeps them fresh. FDA Approved and NIOSH approved. Folds flat for easy carry and storage. 20/box. Model HC-NB295F.


      • FLU protection. Anthrax, Viral and bacterial protection.
      • Box of 20 N95 face masks – Model HC-NB295F
      • Manufactured by Honeywell™ for Sperian™ (Honeywell bought Sperian)
      • NIOSH Approved as a particulate respirator
      • FDA Approved as a surgical mask
      • Individually sealed to maintain freshness and integrity
      • Flat fold design for easy storage and portability
      • Latex free
      • Bacteria Filtration Efficient
      • Conforms to ASTM F1862, 160mmHg
      • Meets CDC Guidelines N-95 for Anthrax Spores
      • Dual Strap Flat Fold
      • Adjustable Nose Clip
      • Diamond Stamped Keeps Respirator Fully Expanded
      • Pictorial Donning Instructions

View our Airborne Virus Protection page for more information on this N95 Face Mask.

Only trust a mask that is both NIOSH Approved and FDA Approved.

n95 flu mask NIOSH (Center for Disease Control) shows approval of the HC-NB295F mask by NIOSH as an N95 respirator and also approval by the FDA as a surgical mask. This model, HC-NB295F, is indicated with the Model Number followed by (FDA) appearing in BOLD. (scroll to top of that page for more info)

2 reviews for Box of 20 N95 Face Masks for Virus and Bacterial Protection

  1. Mark

    Great masks for carrying around. I like that they fold flat and are sealed. Same brand as in my hospital.

  2. Truc Lahilahi

    Owner spoke to me for over 20 minutes answering questions about all their products and actually talked me into buying less. Impressed. These masks are the best I found.

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