Iodowash™ Kit with Radioactive Iodine Decontamination Solution

Iodowash™ Kit

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Used for decontamination of radioactive iodine from nuclear reactor release, nuclear bomb fallout and medical facilities.

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Product Description

Radioactive Iodine Decontamination Kit

  • Iodowash™ is ideal for hospital I-131 therapy rooms. Return your room to background levels as soon as your patient leaves. No waiting for decay.
  • Iodowash™ decontaminates all surfaces and is gentle enough for use on intact skin.
  • Iodowash™ decontaminates by chemically binding the radioactive halogen to a small resin sphere (0.6 to 1.2 mm) which can easily be be wiped up. Typically a single use will remove up to 100% of the contamination.
  • Although chemically designed to decontaminate I-131, I-125, and I-123, it is equally effective for F-18 and other halogens

Kit Contents

Additional Details

Decontamination Technology
Iodowash™ Test Report with I-131

Autoradiographic images of above I-131 test 
Comparison: Lab Demo of Ion-exchange Technology
Material Safety Data Sheet
List of radioactive elements
Shelf-life of kit components

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