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Flu Masks - N95 Particulate Respirator Face Masks
20 per box (Model# HY8510)

n95 swine flu face masks

$29.99 per box
20 masks per box

  n95 flu mask
n95 flu masks Only trust a mask that is both NIOSH Approved and FDA Approved. Follow this link to NIOSH (Center for Disease Control) that shows approval of the HY8510 mask by NIOSH as an N95 respirator and also approval by the FDA as a surgical mask. This model, HY8510, is indicated with the Model Number followed by (FDA) appearing in a RED FONT. (scroll to top of that page for more info)
  • 20 N95 face masks per box
  • NIOSH Approved and FDA Approved for your safety
  • Individually sealed to maintain freshness and integrity
  • Flat fold design for easy storage and portability
  • Extra Heavy Elastic Bands
  • Heat Sealed Instead of Stapled
  • Heavy Foam Guard Protection for the Nose
  • Adjustable Nose Clip
  • Diamond Stamped Keeps Respirator Fully Expanded
  • Pictorial Donning Instructions


Press Release

Face masks fly off shelves in preparation for flu season

Mooresville, NC -- today announced the replenishment of its stock of N95 Particulate Masks just in time for the upcoming flu season. A deluge of online orders in May of this year, in response to media stories of the Swine Flu Virus (H1N1), depleted the company’s large inventory in just a few days. “We had run out of stock of N95 face masks back in May. We were surprised by the rush of orders that literally happened overnight.”, said Troy Jones, president of “We have just now received a huge shipment of fresh N95 face masks to cover our wholesale and retail business for the remainder of the flu season. Aside from frequent hand washing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] is recommending the use of certain types of face masks if you are in close contact with someone who has, or may have, the swine flu. We only stock N95 masks that are both NIOSH and FDA approved. Anything less would not give our customers the protection they demand.” N95 face masks available from are individually sealed to maintain freshness and integrity of the product and fold flat for easy storage and portability. They are also approved by the FDA for use as surgical masks.

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