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for Radiation Decontamination



Decontamination Rad-wipes with white absorbent side and bright-orange plastic backing prevent leakage of decontamination solutions, such as Iodowash™, to hands, gloves, and countertops. Because the decontamination solution that you wipe up is trapped inside the absorbent side, the wipes prevent the subsequent transmission of radiation from your gloves to phones, keyboards, pens, etc. The orange polyethylene backing is impermeable to strong solvents, including xylene and xylene substitutes acetone, ketones, alcohols, and formalin. The wipes are cost-effective because only one is used versus several pieces of gauze or paper towels, and gloves are needed to be changed less frequently. Size is 8"x9", absorbing up to 12 times its weight. NOTE: The wipes do not contain any decontamination solutions. They are to be used in conjunction with Quick Decon Mass Effect Solutions™ such as Iodowash™ and those found in the Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™.

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Rad-Wipes are also available in our
Nukepills™ Family Emergency Kit
and Dirty Bomb Emergency Kit™

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